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    Joe Yannetta's Sound Rec.
Joe's music and Mission is bringing back the message of the 60's, Peace and Good Vibrations. Sound Recovery was the name of this web project. That title has been changed to Sound Rec. so that these 2 words "recovery" and "recreation" become abbreviated and infused into Rec. The meaning literally is the recovery of music and recreation of the impact on/of American Culture. Currently English progressive and Had rock are Joe's influences as he is inspired by the ART ROCK Genre. A founder of Recovery and music therapy the lot of his craft and performances attributes to themes of all our lives. "Experiences stemming from the 1960's to the following decades including the new millennium are mostly unidentifiable until musical expression reveals and explains the revolution of one's own connection to the human race" ... Joe Yannetta says with his eye on the accomplishments of the mystic, poet, writer William Blake.    
   Please enjoy his site by clicking the You Tube Link. Please be sure to check out Joe's Face Bk. where you can also see some great video work including the Rhythm Gang EP/CD. We Love feedback so feel free to contact us with any and all of your questions and comments. Please email Sound Rec. anytime you like. We have a great deal for you if you would like a copy of the Rhythm Gang Art Rock EP    www.Facebook/joeyannettajr 

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