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I live the life of a 60's Flower Child, a Jesus Freak,  Acid Baby Boomer Follower of the Hippie Counter Culture/ & Peace Movement. I had returned to non-conformism after being rejected by people who are not aware they are living in a society. More simply because I had seen enough. YES ... but now this is Reactivated.  A New Peace Movement is my cause.  In the United states we have recently transgressed to the point of total White House Hypocrisy and it's tried to erase any attempt to make up for the mistake we've made as Human Beings to hurt our God Given Planet. ENOUGH is ENOUGH and this is the place to be to make a statement.      
 Hard to Kill  My 1st Professional CD Disc - $ 5 sent any place in the world free shipping. That is with your obligation to play my Art Rock Music & Music videos on my original joeyannettaYou Tube channel.  I love all comments and input ...   

JoeYannetta is not your typical "rock star" type. He considers himself an Artist with a goal. With his craft of reaching people at the core of humanity, he hopes to bring to light goodness and awareness of the present and times gone by. When listening or viewing Joe's work its clear he is more focused on the message then the glamour we have come to expect from today's artists. Joe has been known to raise awareness on ecology to help planet and performs at open mikes to draw attention to important issues that support the community and the entertainment world.  
Joe's YouTube page is becoming a masterpiece of truly enjoyable performances and Rock Art showcases. His songs have been in the Top Twenty and Top ten numerous times on Reverb Nation Charts. Instrumental music or lyrical rhetoric, the Primary focus is Heavy Progressive, soft Ambient Rock music with his playlist consisting of the best prog. rock, blues music and comedy videos ever complied.  
Joe is multi talented being both a proficient guitarist as well as a solid rhythm/percussionist and his vocals are true expressions of the Heart.  
Joe Yannetta and his Sound Recovery project had been featured on W.B.A.B 102.3 FM/W.G.B.B a.m., Cable TV and has played live at the Patchogue Theater for the Performing Arts, Roosevelt Hall, S.U.N.Y, and All the Marriott Hotels on Long Island. He has also joined other artists at numerous benefits and charity events in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Sound Rec. has displayed Art Rock Music shows at the Patchogue A.A.5 in the last 5 years. He's also affiliated with The Patchogue Arts Counsel this year in order to promote his rock music videos and other skills while working with the Chamber of Commerce in the  entertainment committee.  
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